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Monetize your Social Network! Virtual Gifts allows your users to express themselves and engage in social interaction. Gifts can be free or priced by points or even real money. Amount of gifts can be limited ("stock amount"), thus creating artificial demand.

As an admin, you can upload new gifts (size 64x64 px), create categories, see statistics on gift-ing activity.

Features & Pricing

Virtual Gifts

  • Users can send gifts to each other
  • Gift message privacy - can be set to private/public
  • Pay by "Activity Points"
  • $$$ - Pay for Gifts by real money - Paypal, Google checkout or other supported payment gateway (requires payment plugin)
  • Admin - Upload new gifts
  • Admin - Feature gifts
  • Admin - Set points price for each gift
  • Admin - Limit amount of available virtual gifts
  • Admin - Track statistics

Price: $49


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the application tested on?
IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 1.00
SE versions: 3.07+