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This page is for SocialEngine V3. Click here to see the page for latest SocialEngine V4

Friends Inviter plugin for SocialEngine 2.x allows you to take advantage of social graph and create native viral growth for your community by allowing users easy access to address book and inviting their contacts.

The plugin integrates with contacts api web service (our development, not 3rd party) and thus supports huge number of webmails and services. Supported webmail domains - over 2000 (!): gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, fastmail,,,,,,, etc. Supported services include Messenger, aim, yahoo im, LinkedIn, Plaxo. Social networks like facebook, myspace, orkut, friendster, etc work in different way - you can't get emails so you can post message/link on the wall, etc.
This has huge potential for possibly enormous userbase growth, and linking from social networks like myspace can bring huge traffic and enhance page rank, SEO

Features & Pricing

Friends Inviter Basic

  • "Find Friends" - search who's already in from address book and befriend them, just like on facebook and invite others.
  • Invite - Replaces standard SE invite page with easy access to address book and enhanced manual invite.
  • New User Pages - Invite from address book / Manual invite, Pending Invites, Statistics
  • Signup - Tracking signups for specific user (referrals)
  • Signup - Find your friends during signup process - Instantly find who's in, befriend them and invite others
  • Admin - Full statistics on how much invites were sent
  • Admin - Statistics - Top invite senders
  • Admin - Statistics - Top referred by users (great for awarding users)
  • Admin - Statistics - Total contacts imported vs sent Invites - Statistics on how many contacts were imported vs invitations sent - very good to know how well site incentives work and what is the percentage of friends users tend to invite
  • Admin - Invitation tracker - see who invited whom and other inforamtion
  • Unsubscribe link - comply with privacy policies by allowing user to opt-out from invitation emails
  • Personal referrer link for user
  • Filtering of "do-no-invite" emails (support@, info@, etc)
  • Access to Messenger, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol (with all international domains)
  • 1 month access to ALL contacts services ( so you can decide what services bring you growth and which of them are useful to you )

Price: $49
(Wait! Are you sure you won't miss the advanced features?)

Friends Inviter Advanced

  • Everything in Basic version
  • Send more then 5 emails
  • Invitations Email rate control - how many invitations each emails address recieves - avoid "alienating" invitees
  • Background email sending - prevent server overload, avoid marking host as a spam source and make faster pageload for your users.
  • Huge list of supported web services ( LinkedIn, Plaxo,,, .. 2000+ domains, 50+ webservices)

Price: $100
Limited offer - have ALL Webmail services for just $90  (instead of $100)


  • Support for Social Networks - Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Orkut


Under costs you refer to "hosted contacts service" what is that?
Besides Google lately announcing api for contacts, no webmail allows direct and documented access to address book, which means special code is developed to match each service. Alas, these webservices frequently change access methods. The Plugin needs to access address book and hence is required to be always in-sync with these services. Hosted contacts is verified web service which sits between plugin and webmail, implements instant updates for changed access methods and removes burdain of you wasting your time manually updating files and loosing potential users / clients during downtime.

Plugin <--> HostedContactsService <-> gmail, yahoo, ...
What services are supported at all?
Here's a nice services grid
What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE6SP2, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9
How will support be provided, is there a ticket system?
You will be closely supported during installation of the plugin, should you encounter any problems they will be resolved asap. After installation you will have 1 month of Free technical support.
We have a dedicated support ticketing system to quickly resolve any issue should one arise.
Thats all sounds pricey, why is that?

Let's say you bought the SE Platform. You bought all the plugins, designed it to look cool, added nice features, videos, interesting articles, paid homeless guy to videblog his life for mass entertainment ... and you have 10 users.

You add articles and cross linking, total cost: $$$. You launch google adwords, total cost: $$$$$. You start with Viral marketing, create awesome video clip and throw it on youtube, break, vimeo, metacafe, etc. Overall cost: ∞. All of this just to bring people to your network.

So what about social graph you say? How about folks just invite their friends, its just that easy, throw textbox and let them type their friends emails. That works? Barely.

So, you want to let them easy access to their contacts, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, oh! Facebook, myspace, bebo, ... Huge userbase, great. Easy access to emails: you wish.

So now you have to work on every one of them, work on their quirks, weird always changing api, hacking access to webmails that don't like you pulling your contacts away because they have "smart" lock-in "technology". Multiply that to all other dozens and dozens of providers.

Welcome to Viral Marketing. It's cheap not.

Back to the plugin - Regrefully, you don't receive couple of static pages, but guaranteed, working access to many webmails and socialnetworks (coming), with all the updates happening seamlessly without you even knowing something has changed.

  • Yahoo, est. userbase 250 Million
  • Hotmail, est. userbase 280 Million
  • Gmail, est. userbase 51 Million
  • Aol, est. userbase ~20 Million.
Thats what you get just for $49. In advertising, one usually pays per-lead, i.e. per user and average can be between $5-$20 per user. Overall, you will be paying much less for bringing new users than if you'd go by conventional methods.
Legal Note: SocialEngineMods.Net is not affiliated with Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo or any of the mentioned brands. It is a buyer sole responsibility to make sure he complies with any company's Terms of Service.


Latest version: 1.0
SE versions: 2.40+
Intergration complexity: Medium (SE V2.x)
  Too Easy (SE V3.x)