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Facebook Connect / Publisher plugin for SocialEngine allows you to create a high level of interactivity between your community and facebook website, drive traffic back to your site, increase social interaction and significantly simplify the signup process for new users.

Features & Pricing

  • No SE files modifications required
    SE core files do not have to be modified for correct plugin functionality read why it is important. State of the art development with client convenience in mind.
  • Data portability
    Import user data from social networks and make him feel instantly at home - See OpenID Connect plugin for full profile fields importing and easy mapping to your SocialEngine fields.
  • Easily modify story templates via admin panel
    All Facebook feed stories can be easily edited using admin panel
  • Easily create new and custom story templates via admin panel
    New Facebook feed stories can be easily created for other 3rd party plugins or official plugins
  • Extensive Help&FAQ page
    ... which will guide you on using this plugin and offered functionality
  • Invite Facebook Friends
    Users can invite their Facebook friends - Note: Facebook invitation using Facebook Connect is very restrictive and limited allowing up to 20 and sometimes less then 10 friends to be invited at once. For unlimited professional invitation solution please see our Friends Inviter plugin
  • Publish news and activity stories to Facebook
    Many activities performed on your community are not exposed to the large Facebook audience. Publishing stories like "User has just created a New Event, User has posted a new Classified or User has uploaded new photos" with links back to your site creates a healthy traffic boost back to your site and encourages new signups.
  • Autologin / Single Sign On
    Intelligent Facebook session detection allows users to automatically log into your network whenever they are also logged into Facebook. According to internal Facebook study, about 80% of all Facebook users stay logged in all the time.
  • Supports Invite only websites
    Invite only websites can allow members to invite selected facebook friends
  • See My Facebook friends
    User can see Facebook friends that are also members of your community, discover friends that are not yet members and be tempted to invite them.
  • Referral / Signup tracking
    Supports full signup / referral tracking with our Friends Inviter plugin
  • Works seamlessly with our Subscription plugin
  • Works seamlessly with our Virtual Gifts plugin
    Story can be published to Facebook. UserA has sent a gift to UserB.
  • Works seamlessly with our Ratings application
    Story can be published to Facebook. UserA has rated UserB.

Price: $45


How many SE core files must be changed for this plugin to work?
ZERO. Changing core files makes upgrading SE difficult, even a small modification can cause a major headache when the plugin stops working after upgrade. Our state of the art development techniques aim to deliver easy to use products.
What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 3.00
SE versions: 3.17+
Intergration complexity: Too Easy (SE V3.x)