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This page is for SocialEngine V3. Click here to see the page for latest SocialEngine V4

The art of making a point. Activity Points plugin allows your users to benefit from activity on your site, earn points on specific actions, and presents variety of ways to spend earned points in an entertaining way or earn more points via different channels, such as visiting an affiliate.

Features & Pricing

Activity Points Basic

  • Assign points for each activity, including Inviting and Referring friends (actual signup)
  • Managing offers via admin interface including photo and comments
  • Give points to user / all users in level/subnet and also send a message
  • Topusers
  • Send points to a friend (transfer points)
  • Points based ranking, easy setup via admin UI
  • Transactions - see exactly what's going on for each user, confirm / cancel "affiliate" earnings or any other actions requiring approval
  • User dashboard / Vault - see overall status of points balance, totally earned points and topusers rank
  • User transactions list - keep records on what you spend and how you get your points (macro level)
  • User Shop items for earning / spending points
  • User FAQ page - Small intro on how it all works
  • User FAQ page - Listing all activities and awarded points
  • User profile / homepage information boxes
  • Unknown actions can be renamed

Extensions (included)

  • Level upgrades - Transition from / to specific level for points, everything is configurable via admin interface
  • Affiliates - create referring links including unique identifier for each "transaction" or userid, create transaction entry for admin to confirm/cancel.
  • Generic - any shop / offer item entries with recordable transaction, ability to redirect url after completion, with manual(admin)/automatic approval


** Assignable activities:

Natively trackable by SE platform:

  • Create new group
  • Join a group
  • Comment on group photo
  • Comment on group
  • Leave a group
  • Create a poll
  • Participate in poll
  • Create new event
  • RSVP to Event
  • Comment on event
  • Comment on event photo
  • Create a classified
  • Comment on classified
  • Post a blog
  • Comment on Blog
  • Upload / Create an album
  • Comment on photo / media
  • Login to site (requires logout)
  • Upload profile photo
  • Add a friend
  • Edit / Update profile
  • Update status
  • Comment on someone's profile

Specially developed tracking for:

  • Signup Bonus
  • Refer friends (actual signup) - requires "Friends Inviter" plugin
  • Invite Friends (for each invited friend) - requires "Friends Inviter" plugin
  • Upload new photo / media to album - counting per each uploaded picture
  • Clicking on an ad

Price: $59
(Wait! Are you sure you won't miss the advanced features?)

Activity Points Advanced

Everything in the basic version and -
  • Limiting action points with rollover period (1,2, 30, ... days) (gaming prevention)
  • Enable / Disable User Points Per Level
  • Enable / Disable User Points Per User
  • Option to disable points transfer (send points to friend) per level (gaming prevention)
  • Limiting points transfer to certain amount per day (gaming prevention)
Extensions (included)

  • Promotion via ad campaigns - promote your profile, group, event, classified
  • Charging for events, classifieds, groups, polls
  • Reward points for voting for specific poll


  • Find a bounty - Randomly located "bounties" scattered around the site will let your users gain points and skyrocket pageviews.
  • "Featured on Homepage / User homepage / Pofile" - great to get an attention, this allows your users get featured on mentioned locations. Amount of spots is limited to 1 or 5-10, so how is it solved? Bidding! Let your users bid from dusk till dawn

Price: $100

Everyone purchasing advanced version will have discount on *something* with "Virtual Gifts" to be released soon.

Additional Extensions ( please contact us for more information )
  • Purchasing - option to directly buy points, via "virtual economy", with intimately integrated popular gateways (IPN - Instant Payment Notification)
  • Virtual gifts - will be included in something *else* (The extension is working and is not included because it's too rooted into another package)

Admin panel demo on request.

Competitive Comparison

  SocialEngineMods Competitor
Points for general activities
Easy admin inteface for editing points-based ranking on user profile
Daily/weekly limits for gaining points per each activity for specific period (gaming prevention)
Option to enable / disable points for userlevel or specific user
NO overwritten files during installation
Ability to specify points for referring users (actual signup after inviting)
Integrated Offers Shop for spending / earning points
Top Rated users by current points balance / totally earned points
Current points AND total earned points counters
Easily give points to user / all users on level or subnet and send a message
User can send points to a friend
Transactions - see what offers users bought, what earners chosen, confirm/reject
Outgoing Affiliate tracking - track outgoing links and confirm "transaction"
User FAQ page - small intro and list activities with associated points gain
Unknown actions from new plugins can be easily edited and assigned points
Level upgrades - users can pay for level upgrades by points
Promotions - users can promote their profile/group/event/classified/poll and pay by points
Charging points for posting event/classified/group/poll
Rewarding points for voting for specific poll
Option for directly purchasing points by real money


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE6SP2, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 3.0
SE version: 2.80+
Intergration complexity: Medium (SE V2.x)
  Too Easy (SE V3.x)