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Give me a coin. Subscription plugin allows you to charge your members for accessing content on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Trial periods are possible as well.

Features & Pricing

  • Cool feature 1 - Enable / Disable viewing profiles - an excellent recipe for dating-alike sites!
  • Cool feature 2 - Require mandatory subscription per level
  • Flexible Subscription plans, daily, weekly, monthly with recurring payments or manual payments, set trial periods
  • Don't lose your money! - Pro-rate when upgrading plan - most of the subscription solutions on the web don't allow you to change subscription in the middle, because of the subscription limitations of paypal and thus you are left with a dilemma - your members want immediate access to what they pay, but you can't do that, unless you lose the upgrade cost - no more!
  • Admin or Users can cancel & upgrade subscriptions without leaving website and getting lost in paypal jungle
  • Automatic subscriptions renewal / expiration
  • Choosing subscription plan during signup
  • Integrated (automatic) payment gateways (for start - paypal, googlecheckout, later - 2co,, ccbill?)
  • Uses Advanced Paypal API for better plan management
  • Subscriptions associated with levels in SocialEngine
  • Automatic downgrade to predefined level after subscription expiration
  • Admin - Dashboard / Overview - quick glance on your website cash performance
  • Flexible subscription plans management interface
  • Income reports - Watch how successfully you monetize your site and track income records
  • Email Notifications on new subscriptions, expiring, expired, cancelled and renewed plans
  • Easy current subscription management interface for admin & user
  • Cancel / Renew / Upgrade subscriptions without leaving the website
  • Integrated shopping cart


  • Digital downloads
  • Attach price to classifieds and allow purchasing via integrated shopping cart
  • Points purchasing - together with Activity Points plugin

Price: $149 SPECIAL RELEASE PRICE - $120

Admin panel demo on request.

Competitive Comparison

  SocialEngineMods Competitor
Recurring payments
Notification emails
Ability to choose subscription during signup
*Optional* SUPEREASY signup process integration
Option to force subscription on certain userlevels
Grace period for plans with failed / missed payment
Uses Advanced Paypal API
Option to specify Trial Period
Option to specify Initial Price
Easy plan management from admin and user interface - no need to visit confusing paypal website
Can change subscription terms in the middle
Pro-rate - User upgrading plan pays difference and recieves immediate access
Limit profile views per user-level *Great feature for dating-alike sites*
Dashboard - quick glance on your website cash performance
Integrated shopping cart
Clients Details List with link to user / payments / transactions
Limit non-superadmin access to sensitive payment data
User Actitivy Log / Messages / Errors with timestamp to see if there are any problems, analyze user complaints
Can specify "downgrade level" when a plan expires
Can specify plans user can upgrade from (prerequisite)
Can specify userlevel a user should be on to be able to upgrade (prerequisite)
Can specify amount of recurring times
Option to allow/disallow resubscription trial periods for already registered users
Easy user management with all-in-one-place information about user - plan details, payment history, plan activity history


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE6SP2, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 3.0
SE version: 2.80+
Intergration complexity: Medium (SE V2.x)
  Too Easy (SE V3.x)