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Social Ads allows your users to create advertisement campaigns to promote a website or on-site elements, such as classifieds, events, groups. Ads can be charged by real money (paypal, google checkout, ...) or by points and priced by CPC, CPM or period.

Features & Pricing

  • User can Advertise a website (url) or classified, event, group, poll or profile
  • New Ad Analytics - Detailed statistics about ad views / clicks
  • Various pricing models - Clicks (CPC), Views/Impressions (CPM) or Duration
  • Enable ad-free zone for specific user level
  • Targeting pages - Ability to target specific page on the website (e.g. homepage, user homepage, profile, ... (not present in SE core)
  • Targeting networks - User can select if and which networks to target
  • Create ad from banner image, text or from the photo of classified, event, group, ...
  • Additional advertisement / promotional spot - small box on user homepage
  • Admin can control which placements user can advertise on, what networks / pages to target
  • Admin can control banner sizes for each placement
  • Admin can approve / reject advertisements
  • Admin can create Pricing packages to affect various advertisement options for users to choose from
  • Charge by real money or points
  • Auto-resize banner / image to fit ad size
  • Email user notifications about approved / rejected ad

Price: $120

Admin panel demo on request.


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE6SP2, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 3.0
SE version: 2.40+
Intergration complexity: Easy (SE V2.x)
  Easy (SE V3.x)