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Apps & Widgets plugin for SocialEngine allows your users to enjoy from exciting level of personalization for profile, user home or other pages.

Together with attractive and modern drag & drop interface, user can add widgets or applications to his profile and express his creativity.

User homepage becomes a portal page that can be easily customized with news updates from Wired, Yahoo, Digg, stock quotes and more.

As a website admin, you can easily add new applications and control page layout / design.

No more fatal errors for your site! Newly added applications can be tested on "sandbox" user level before deploying to live site.

Easy editing / reordering of Top Bar Menu is one of the available features.

Home page editor extension allows you to easily edit your website homepage, change layout, add "new blogs", "latest/popular groups", photos, polls, events. Each with it's own settings, like max number of items, sort order (ex: randomize).

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Features & Pricing

Apps & Widgets Base Version

  • Users can add and remove widgets and apps from browseable directory
  • Easy switching between various available layouts for user home and profile (tabbed, flat, etc)
  • In-place ajax editor for profile fields (*)
  • Admin - easily install new applications with one click
  • Admin - easily install new layouts with one click
  • Admin - manage layouts
  • Admin - set apps mandatory/optional
  • Admin - Limit applications use to specific user level / subnet
The following applications are included in the Base Version:

  • Tom Friend
  • New User Message
  • New User Comment
  • Popular/Last Events on user homepage
  • Popular/Last Groups on user homepage
  • Popular/Last Photos on user homepage
  • Popular/Last Polls on user homepage
  • Better Notifications
  • Friends Online

Price: $1

Note: $1 Base version promotion is available for SocialEngine verified customers only.

Apps & Widgets Advanced

  • Everything in Base version
  • Top Bar Editor! - drag&drop rearrange of top bar menu, automatically adds "more..." drop down menu
  • Widget creator - create html/smarty content
  • Set "points price" for adding application to profile/page, e.g. 100 points
  • 2 layouts for userhome page
  • 2 layouts for profile page (flat vs tabbed)

Note: Applications are not included
Note: You should try the free Base version to see what and how this plugin can offer.

Price: $99


  • Home Page Editor

Admin panel demo on request.


I don't want to have many SE files changed as it makes upgrading difficult - how many changes are made to SocialEngine files?
How many changes are required to enable Top bar menu editor?
How many files do I have to change in order to make this plugin work?
0 (ZERO)
What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9
I have modifed my profile page and user home page. What effect will this plugin have?
You will have to copy&paste your modifications into the layout template


Latest version: 3.07
SE versions: 3.07+, 3.13+
Intergration complexity: Not required