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Superpages plugin (CMS) (beta)

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Superpages plugin for SocialEngine allows you as an admin and your community users to create dynamic pages with unprecedented level of flexibility. Create virtually any page using modern drag&drop interface, add content blocks - comments, html, photo or applications like google map or twitter. Start from blank, add HTML (wysiwyg), add comments - 2 seconds and you have an interactive web presence.

As a website admin, you can create various page types (e.g. Business, Pet, Club), create subcategories, restrict access to certain user levels/subnets or event password protect, limit page types creation for specific user level / subnets, set publishing price ... you get the drift, flexibility is a keyword.

Note: Apps plugin is required

Features & Pricing

Superpages Basic

  • Modern drag&drop design, easily add content
  • Password Protect page
  • Restrict Access for: logged-in users, users on specific level, users on specific subnets
  • Users can add and remove widgets and apps from browseable directory to the page
  • Easy switching between various layouts for superpage (1 layout for basic version)
  • Admin can approve / reject published pages
  • User Menu - Admin can easily add a link to page into user menu or top bar, and reorder using drag&drop
  • Applications:
    • Page HTML Box - WYSIWYG Editor for html content
  • Admin - manage layouts
  • Admin - Limit pages use to specific user level / subnet
  • Admin - Limit which page types/categories can be created to specific user level / subnet

Price: $50
(Wait! Are you sure you won't miss the advanced features?)

Superpages Advanced

  • Everything in Basic version
  • In-place ajax editor for page fields
  • Set "points price" for publishing a page, e.g. 100 points
  • 6 different Layouts - 2 columns, 3 columns, tabbed, ...
  • Applications:
    • Page Photo - Upload photo
    • Page Fields - Add any fields, like location, title, etc. User can edit in-place using ajax
    • Page Comments - Add comments to any page
    • Page Menu - Add menu to any page
  • Admin - set price for publishing a page

Price: $89
Release offer - Advanced version for just $80  
Purchasing is currently exclusive for existing customers. Please login to the client area and return to this page.


How many SocialEngine core files do I have to change in order to make this plugin work?
0 (ZERO)
What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 3.00
SE versions: 3.07+
Intergration complexity: Easy (SE V3.x)