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OpenID ? Signup ? ... so 90's ... LET'S GET SOCIAL. Communicate, publish, interact, see what your friends are up to, message your friends, find what music your friends listen to, what videos they like, interact and socialize.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Last.Fm, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yahoo, Google, Live!, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, ... you name it. All the social, all in one place. Fire up the "Social" in "SocialEngine".

Social DNA plugin for SocialEngine allows you to transform your website into a social hub around your member's social identity. Leverage the huge userbase of social networks and significantly simplify signup process, resulting in higher signup rate.

Easily allow your potential users to sign-in via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Yahoo and dozens of additional networks, reducing signup friction and increasing signup rate, import user photo and profile information from social networks and make him feel instantly at home.

Update status, publish all the activities, to all the connected networks with just one click and feel a surge in the viral traffic from the instant exposure of your website content to user's social friends and followers.

Post updates to Twitter / autotweet - status updates, creating new group, new event, ...

Bring your friends, friends' updates and activities from all the networks all in one place. Message, Retweet, reply .. righ here, right now.

Features & Pricing

  • Express signup for potential new users
  • Facebook - Autologin / Single Sign On
    Intelligent Facebook session detection allows users to automatically log into your network whenever they are also logged into Facebook. According to internal Facebook study, about 80% of all Facebook users stay logged in all the time.
  • Facebook - See My Facebook friends
    User can see Facebook friends that are also members of your community, discover friends that are not yet members and be tempted to invite them - great teaser!
  • Facebook - Presence and logout button
    As required by Facebook Terms Of Service, your member can see whether he is logged in to your network and facebook, facebook logout is automatically added.
  • Facebook - localization
    Admin can configure localization (language) settings for facebook dialogs
  • Facebook - super easy application setup
    All the application details are updated automatically, which significantly eases setup and maintenance
  • Attracive signup icons
    Several slick designs available, easily configured via admin panel
  • Website / Brand Identity Applications
    Setup your own applications for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc
  • Status update
    User status is automatically updated across all connected networks - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, ...
  • Facebook - Invite Facebook Friends
    Users can invite their Facebook friends - Note: Facebook invitation using Facebook Connect is very restrictive and limited allowing up to 20 and sometimes less then 10 friends to be invited at once. For unlimited professional invitation solution please see our Friends Inviter plugin
  • Connect existing accounts
    User can easily connect his existing account to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
  • Connect existing accounts during social quick signup
    During signup user can connect his social identity to existing account instead of creating duplicate accounts
  • Import profile photo
    User's profile photo is automatically imported when available (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ...)
  • Easily customizable signup process
    Quick signup process is fully customizable via admin - select which fields should be displayed, map imported fields, set default field values
  • Admin - in depth statistics
    See the connected networks, social signup statistics, incoming links, top incoming links, details about user publishing, social communication and more
  • Data portability
    Import user data from social networks and make him feel instantly at home - full profile fields importing and easy mapping to your SocialEngine fields - First Name, Last Name, birthday, Profile Information, ...
  • Import extended profile fields
    All the available fields from social networks are imported and can be easily mapped into SocialEngine fields - about me, books, movies, interests, ... (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...)
  • Facebook - localization
    Admin can configure localization (language) settings for facebook dialogs
  • Extensive Help&FAQ page
    ... which will guide you on using this plugin and offered functionality
  • Supports Invite only websites
    Invite only websites can allow members to invite selected facebook friends
  • Referral / Signup tracking
    Supports full signup / referral tracking with our Friends Inviter plugin
  • Published activities
    The following activities can be auto-published across all connected networks
    • Uploading new photos
    • Creating a forum topic
    • Posting a forum message
    • Creating a New Group
    • Creating a New Event
    • Creating a New Poll
    • Creating a New Music Playlist
    • Posting a Blog Entry
    • Adding A Video
    • Creating a Classified Listing
    • Updating profile photo
    • Posting an activity
Note: Several plugins create this socializing platform
Note: Publisher/Socializer plugins work on top of the core plugin (required)

  • Social DNA / OpenID Connect core
    Signup, Connect via social networks

    Price: $49

  • Social DNA Publisher
    Publish activities by your users to all connected social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

    Price: $45

  • Social DNA Socializer
    Social Stream / Lifestream - Streaming updates across all connected networks. View friends, send messages, retweet, reply, and much more. Show Twitter stream on user's profile (soon)

    Price: $50

  • Social Media
    Albums and Photos - click here
Or get the package with 5% discount - Social DNA / OpenID Connect + Publisher + Socializer


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE7/8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome


Latest version: 4.1.24
SE version: 4.0.3 - 4.9.2


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