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SMF Forum Integration plugin - THIS PLUGIN IS PROVIDED FOR FREE.

This plugin tightly integrates SMF Forum into your SocialEngine based website. You won't even know it's a separate software! (ok, almost)

Integrated with SocialEngine User Levels - allows controlling who can view the topics/posts

Existing users are automatically imported during the plugin installation.

Administation is conveniently done directly in the forum.

Based on SMF 1.1.9, opens a whole world of numerous free SMF forum mods

Already pre-integrated SMF Mods:

Complete transparency for user - looks like an integrate part of SocialEngine.

*Note: You must be an existing SocialEngineMods customer in order to download this product. You are not allowed to download this product otherwise.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (also see install.html provided with the plugin):

  1. Download SMF Forum Installation - Version 1.1.9:
  2. Upload all files from SMF Forum archive directly into your SE root folder ( overwriting index.php ) Do NOT run the SMF Forum installer.
  3. Upload all of the files and folders contained in this zip file [the SMF Integration plugin] (in the "/files" directory) to your server, EXCEPT for install.html, changelog.html, upgrade.html and license.html. Be sure to upload the files to the directory on your server where you have already installed SocialEngine.
  4. Login to your SocialEngine admin panel. On the "View Plugins" page you will see the SMF Forum plugin. Click the install link.
  5. After the plugin installation, goto "SMF Forum Settings", and add forum administrator. Rest of the management is done from the user side. Your installation is now complete!

Note: The plugin uses the "index.php". If you have modified or your template modified this file, you will have to make some changes.

It took us some time to make this integration possible, a lot of hard work was invested. If you like our work you can say thanks by donating a small amount or purchasing installation service.

or purchase installation service & support ($75)



What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE6SP2, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


For discussions, please visit our forum

for fixing the distortions alter


@ Body
remove the whole padding line

for footer_chat.tpl

at the top of the css

#DIV, TD {
line-height: 100%;

instead of 120%

in styles_im.css


body .seIM_friends_trayItem
width: 140px;

/* Try to override profile css */
color: #000000;

body .seIM_friends_trayItem .seIM_trayItem_menuActivator
text-align: left;
border: 0px;
text-decoration: none;
width: 140px;

140px instead of 130px

This is a very nice plugin and free too :)
Thanks ;)

I love it, I'm going to use it.

The best plugin/application I've had the pleasure of integrating this year! So painless, so quality, so right. Wicked!

many thanks to plug-in an best social

Is it compatible with SE 4 ?

Happy New Year 2011

Plugin is great! But login session time is too short (couple of hours), how can I fix this problem?

I wish to try this plugin but its seems that my SMF version is 2.0 is this plugin available for 2.0 version.

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Latest version: 3.01
SE version: 3.14+
Intergration complexity: Too Easy


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