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Likes, Shares and Interests (beta)

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Explore the depth of your members interests easily in one portal page - see Groups, Blogs, Events or any other content liked by your site members.

Your members will discover new friends with shared interests and find new interesting content liked by friends or other site members.


  • Widgetized portal content discovery page
  • Members can find new friends with shared likes / intereests
  • Special Like button for member profile pages
  • Events Likes widget
  • Groups Likes widget
  • Forum Likes widget
  • Poll Likes widget
  • Custom Likes widget
  • ... and many other widgets
  • Flexible Design - support any plugin, official or 3rd party content
  • Full administrative capability, manage and easily configure the plugin from admin panel.


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
IE7/8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome


Latest version: 4.00
SE versions: 4.1.7+


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