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Profile To Level Linking

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If you ever wanted to automatically link your member Profile Type to Member Level, this is your solution.

This allows associating Profile Type with the powerful Member Level policy and content access management.

During signup, users can only select Profile Type, but are not allowed to choose their Member Level. Using this simple tool you can automatically place the members on specific Member Level based on selected Profile Type, for example "Musicians" can be automatically placed in the "Music Creators Member Level" - on this level you would allow uploading music. Another example can be "Recruiters / Headhunter / Company" Profile Type can be atomatically placed on "Job Posters" Member Level, which will allow posting new jobs.


  • Automatic Profile Type to Member Level Linking for new members
  • Placing existing members with specific Profile Type to another Member Level
  • Full administrative capability, manage and easily configure the plugin from admin panel.


What language is the code written in?
PHP, Javascript
What browser was the plugin tested on?
Chrome, MSIE/Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera9


Latest version: 4.01
SE versions: 4.1.7 - 4.9.x


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