Social DNA / OpenID Connect

Connect! Socialize! Engage! All the social, all in one place. more

Price: $85

Activity Points

"Activity Points" allows your users to benefit from activity on your site, earn points on specific actions, and presents variety of ways to spend earned points in an entertaining way or earn more points via different channels, such as visiting an affiliate. more

Price: $59

Friends Inviter / Contacts Importer

Friends Inviter plugin for SocialEngine 2.x allows you to take advantage of social graph and create native viral growth for your community by allowing users easy access to address book and inviting their contacts. more

Price: $49

Newsletter / Marketer

Newsletter / Marketing plugin provides complete newsletter solution that allows you to create attractive newsletters and have full control on the distribution channel with deep coverage analytics. more

Price: $65 - $50

Quizzes plugin

Quizzes plugin for SocialEngine allows your users to create fun and entertaining personality or trivia quizzes and challenge each other. more

Price: $85

Supershare plugin

Supershare plugin for SocialEngine allows your users to invite new members to Events or Groups using external email or import contacts, broadcast message to all or selected Event / Group members. more

Price: $35

Facebook Connect / Publisher

Facebook Connect plugin for SocialEngine allows you connect your website to Facebook and publish user activities, such as creating an Event, posting a Classified, creating a Group, etc. Quick signup with full fields mapping. more

Price: $45

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts Application allows your users to express themselves and engage in social interaction. Gifts can be free or priced by points or even real money. more

Price: $49    (Discounts available)

Super Newsfeed

Super Newsfeed plugin for SocialEngine adds interactivity and social participation for your community. more

Price: $25    (Discounts available)

Apps and Widgets

Apps & Widgets plugin for SocialEngine allows your users to enjoy from exciting level of personalization for profile, user home or other pages. Together with attractive and modern drag & drop interface, user can add widgets or applications to his profile and express his creativity. more

Price: Base Version - Free

Superpages - CMS

Superpages plugin for SocialEngine allows you as an admin and your community users to create dynamic pages with unprecedented level of flexibility. Create virtually any page using modern drag&drop interface, add content blocks - comments, html, photo or applications like google map or twitter. more

Price: $50 - $80

Social Ads / Advertiser

Social Ads allows your users to create advertisement campaigns to promote a website or on-site elements, such as classifieds, events, groups. Ads can be charged by real money (paypal, google checkout, ...) or by points and priced by Clicks (CPC), Impressions (CPM) or duration. more

Price: $120 $99 Release price

A Subscriber

"A Subscriber" allows you to automatically charge your users for subscriptions more

Price: $149 $120 Release price

Photo Tagging

Photo Tagging plugin is a state of the art combination of javascript, ajax, php and is seamlessly integrated into SocialEngine platform. Photo tagging is a fresh addition that will bring excitement and entertainment to any social based community. more

Price: $49

SMF Forum plugin

SMF Forum Integration plugin

Price: FREE